Who We Are
Responsible high-return, risk-adjusted multifamily real estate investments

Our Philosophy

Value with responsibility

Mortar was founded by Anthony Morena with the mission to bring responsible real estate investment to New York City and the surrounding region by binding architecture, development and asset management into a single practice.

Since our inception, we have designed and built notable new multifamily residential buildings and private residences, and have also converted and renovated existing buildings. We emphasize maximizing investor return and minimizing risk while providing residents with the highest standard of living.

Style with longevity

For nearly two decades, Mortar has been the driving force behind distinctive and successful developments in New York City’s prime and up-and-coming niche neighborhoods. Our experience in creating distinctive, livable spaces on time and within budget, results in buildings that prosper –– even in challenging markets –– for decades to come.

Maximize Value

Mortar is where vertically-integrated, multi-family investment management binds with compelling design and construction solutions to achieve more with less. By integrating multiple practices into every project, we’re able to maximize space and value, minimize costs and waste, and preserve the style and substance of every building it designs and builds.

Our People


We are inspired by our military veterans, and we recognize the importance of social and environmental issues. Mortar has a long history of taking these into account, and we support the implementation of these practices in the investment management industry. With both our work, and our team, we promote diversity, sound practices and public engagement. Mortar’s commitment to these issues starts in our own office, where we look to contribute to these charitable organizations.

In 2021, Mortar established its annual Mortar Scholarship Program which awards funding to first-generation American or immigrant students enrolling full-time in a four-year undergraduate college program.

Organizations We Support