Building trust is the key to our success

We’re committed to helping our clients build wealth through quality investments in real estate.

“For over two decades, we’ve earned a privileged reputation for delivering on a commitment to offer investors a unique opportunity. Our goal is to create relationships built on trust with our clients, one deal at a time – year after year. We’re a boutique firm, so we work to be more detailed, more transparent, and always available to investors. This concept keeps us grounded and focused on the mission of investor satisfaction and success on each offering”.

Anthony Morena, Principal


David M - Investment Partner

“Several colleagues and I have worked with Mortar for a while now. I think the biggest component of investing with Mortar is really the track record. It makes us comfortable that they’ve been doing this for a really long time, and know how to navigate when times get tough.”

Jay S - Investment Advisor, CPA

“I’ve invested with Mortar on several offerings since 2014, and I find them to be efficient and a great alternative option for traditional portfolio investments. Over the years we have also introduced several clients to Mortar’s work to invest as well”.

Manoj S - Investment Partner

“There’s no secret sauce. Anthony and his team actually have the experience and Mortar is wonderfully integrated. He’s got a great team, and they understand the process.”

Jason H - CEO, Cornerstone Title

“Anthony and the entire team have been amazing to work with. Even throughout the pandemic, they continued to work for their investors and clients. Their attention to detail on every project shows in their finished product.”

Michael S - Investment Partner

“One of the aspects that sets Mortar apart from other developers is their vertically integrated business model. In layman’s terms, they do almost everything in house. By integrating these key pieces, they minimize investor risk, extract the most value feasible, and can respond adeptly.”

Roger M - Investment Partner

“Whenever the opportunity arises we try to recommend them because we’ve had a great experience with Mortar. They constantly send out emails that are keeping you in the know, up to date on projects, and keeping you up to date on the local markets”

Christian E - Investment Partner

“Few have been as responsive, conscientious, and diligent as the folks at Mortar”.

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