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Discover how to become a real estate investor with an asset that may make money while you sleep. But investing in real estate is far from a get-rich-quick scheme. This complimentary guide outlines the key principles built around slow growth and long-term compounded gains that can help you achieve financial independence. With charts, statistics and expanded definitions of key terms, it provides the groundwork for those considering an investment in real estate.

If you are an accredited investor, this whitepaper is intended to help you understand options you may have as you consider new real estate opportunities. Learn about some of the key variables that can potentially help maximize real estate returns. Find out why real estate investors enjoy some of the best tax perks of any industry. As a next step, use this guide to help inform your process of evaluating and selecting real estate investment sponsor firms. And get insights into investing in New York real estate and its up-and-coming niche neighborhoods.

Why should you look to New York multifamily properties to generate passive income? New York City may be a great place to visit, but it’s also an incredible place to live. As a global cultural, financial and media center with over 8.5 million people, real estate investment companies in NYC capitalize on up-and-coming neighborhood trends in one of the most thriving cities in the United States. A New York real estate investment is built on the bedrock of business and community institutions, and may be a smart strategy for diversifying your portfolio.

Why Mortar Group?

Known for high-return, risk-adjusted multifamily real estate in New York’s niche neighborhoods, Mortar Group gives you the edge in investing. Our qualified alternative real estate investment fund benefits from our co-investing partners’ team of developers, architects, deal originators, construction managers and private investors. With almost two decades of positive and above average investor returns, we are your trusted New York neighbors. We know all about real estate investing, ask us anything.

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